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Beltrac® 3000 Caution-Please Do Not Enter

$ 220.00

ITEM #50-3000SA/FY/S6

Beltrac® 3000

Retractable Belt Stanchion

1 per Box

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The original grooved-design stanchion remains the most popular. The Beltrac® 3000 retractable belt stanchion is the perfect choice for waiting lines, crowd control, and queue systems. The continuous aluminum extrusion provides superior strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme environments. The 14” sloped and 14.5" slim base is stylish, yet underneath the surface sits a solid, 18 lb. cast-iron foundation that offers best-in-class stability and longevity.

  • Belt Length= 7 feet
  • Base =14” Slopped
  • Finish = Satin Aluminum
  • Belt Color= Yellow Caution-Please Do Not Enter (One-Sided)
  • Minimum order 1 pieces

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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