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Non-Expiring Yellow adhesive 04084

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ITEM #4084

Yellow adhesive 

Thermal Printable Badge

1000 per Box

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This TEMPbadge™ non-expiring badge features an adhesive back that makes it easy to attach to the wearer. The badge features plenty of room for a visitor's name, the date and other data, all of which can be quickly added using a thermal printer.

This Yellow visitor badge can be applied directly to the wearer's clothing, or can be added to a reusable card back for a more complete solution. This style of badge is available in seven different colors, allowing users to color-code badges: issue different colors on different days of the week or give specific colors to different levels of personnel.

This badge is the perfect solution for those seeking a simple, straightforward non-expiring badge product. It's the perfect basic visitor badge for offices, factories, laboratories and other sites where long-term guests are frequent.

Discounts are available for large orders.

These badges are sold in quantities of 1,000. Ordering a quantity of "1" below means you are ordering one package of 1,000 badges.

  • Type Non-expiring
  • Badge Part Full badge
  • Personalization type Thermal printable
  • Size 3.8125" x 2.125" (97 mm x 54 mm)
  • Attachment Type Adhesive
  • Minimum order 1000 pieces

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Weight 3 lbs


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