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Half-day Front Smiley Circle

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Half-day school expiring

Smiley Face Circle

1000 per Box

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This TEMPbadge™ expiring circle combines with our school expiring badge backs to create the perfect school visitor badge solution. Placing this circle on the badge back activates the expiration technology; after a half-day (4 hours), the circle will clearly change colors to show that the badge is no longer valid, providing clear visual indication that a guest's time is up.

This expiring circle features a smiley face graphic, making it perfect for use around children. When first applied, the circle is clear, allowing the visitor data written on the badge to be clearly read; as time goes on, the badge turns yellow, showing that it is expired.

Our two-piece school expiring badges are a versatile solution. Expiring circles are also available with a printed apple graphic, blank or in 1-day time frames.

Securely monitor guests at schools of all kinds with our effective school expiring badge solution.

Discounts are available for large orders.

This product is sold in packages of 1,000. Ordering a quantity of "1" means you are ordering 1 package of 1,000 badges.

  • Badge Part Expiring circle
  • Time Frame Half day
  • Size 1.75" (45 mm)
  • Attachment Type Adhesive
  • Back Part Not Included 8106
  • Minimum order 1000 pieces

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Weight 2 lbs


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