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Evolis Laminate R4211

$ 48.00

ITEM #R4211

0.6 mil Clear Patch

200 prints per roll

1 per Box

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For use with the Evolis Securion V2 (SEC101RBH) and the Evolis Securion V1 (E7001E) printers.

The Evolis R4211 laminate ribbon replaces the Evolis R4711 ribbon & R4711-10 ribbon.

Note: To make ribbon loading easier & to benefit from better positioning of the lamination patch in the Securion V1, you can upgrade your printer.

NOTE: Evolis R4211 lamination rolls are packaged with ONE ribbon core rather than two. Please keep any additional cores for use on other ribbons in the future.

  • Evolis R4211 (replaces p/n: Evolis R4711 & R4711-10)
  • Clear patch laminate film
  • 0.6 mil thickness
  • 200 imprints per roll
  • Evolis R4211 lamination is for use with the Evolis Securion laminating ID card printer
  • Minimum order 1 pieces

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Weight .5 lbs


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