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Item# 8075

Reusable plastic swivel clip

(500 Pack)

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Item# 8075

Our TEMPbadge™ plastic card clips are one of our most popular Visitor Management accessories. These clips make it easy to attach a slotted expiring badge to a guest. As a bonus, they're reusable! If a guest turns in his or her visitor badge, the clip can be removed from the badge and issued to another guest.

This clip features a "button" design that slides through the slot. This button allows the badge to rock back and forth on the clip, keeping it steady. Badges will stay straighter and be less prone to twisting and facing the wrong way.

Make attaching a badge to a visitor easy and affordable with these convenient card clips!

Discounts are available for large orders.

This product is sold in packages of 500 clips. Ordering a quantity of "1" means you are ordering one package of 500 clips.

  • Badge Part Clip
  • Durable plastic will stand up to frequent use
  • Attachment Type Clip-on
  • Minimum order 500 pieces


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Weight 2 lbs


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