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Fingerprint Ink 5" x 1" Strips

$ 13.49

ITEM #FDIS15-100

Disposable Fingerprint

Ink Strips, 5" x 1"

1 per Box

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Fingerprint MYLAR Foil ink strips for fingerprinting children for child identification kits, child ID cards, Notaries, or anyone wanting a disposable method of fingerprinting. The strips pull apart to access the ink and are designed for easy use. Our disposable fingerprint ink strips consist of a thin layer of fingerprinting ink sandwiched between two thin, flexible, clear Mylar plastic strips. Simply pull apart the tabs to expose the fingerprint ink, using it as you would traditional fingerprint inking systems, and then just throw it away.

  • 5”x1” Disposable Ink Strip
  • Minimum order 100 pieces

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